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Sir David Wootton joins Brigantes Tribal Council

Sir David Wootton, staunch Yorkshireman and former Lord Mayor of the City of London, has kindly accepted the invitation to join the Brigantes Tribal Council.

Brigantes is entering its 10th year since formation and has grown to over 750 Subscribing and Supporting Livery Members. 

To position Brigantes well for the future, a modification to the governance and operating structure was considered appropriate. Proposals were prepared by the Committee during 2023 and adopted without dissent at the AGM in Carlisle on 15th December. 

The revised operating structure provides for a small Tribal Council for policy and direction, with the four primary activities – Winter Gathering, Golf, Brigantes Breakfast and Membership - devolved to new operational subcommittees, each with a Chairman. 

Elected to the Tribal Council were Adrian Waddingham, Chairman, Nick Gale and David Bentley, Vice Chairmen West and East respectively, and, as a newly elected participant in Brigantes governance, Sir David Wootton. 

Sir David is the immediate Past Chairman of Northern Ballet, a long-standing Brigantes Members, a Past Master and Liverymen of a number of Companies, and currently Upper Warden of the Bowyers. Sir David adds further strength to Brigantes representation in the City.

Sir David Wootton

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